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Heavy Goods Vehicles


Much like the automobile industry, Heavy Goods Vehicles are subject to logistic and economic constraints, despite being the most widely used mode of goods transport.

Performance of hydraulic components cannot be overlooked, as they directly impact a vehicle’s road holding capacity.

FD-GROUPS America makes hydraulic products to meet and exceed the highest standards for safety, performance, comfort, and convenience.

Trust our proven reliability to keep your vehicles running smoothly and efficiently.




Shipping | Offshore | Subsea



The shipping industry is a unique animal.  No land application can compare to the constraints placed on equipment by the aggressive sea environment. 

Performance of shipping machinery must be taken to the next level. 

FD-GROUPS America is strongly-suited to meet sea-specific operations criteria, offering adapted solutions though our specialized model simulation program. 

We deliver expected results and provide superior customer service throughout the lifetime of your equipment. 







The railway industry demands meticulous attention to safety.

We strive for the ultimate in customer satisfaction while also complying with all safety and performance requirements.

FLUIDESIGN Group is quality certified to bring superior performance to your rail shipment operations and will provide first-rate customer support to your operations for the duration of our collaboration.