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2 Way Flow Divider - 20

  • 2-Way-Flow-Divider-20
  • 2-Way-Flow-Divider-20
  • 2-Way-Flow-Divider-20
  • 2-Way-Flow-Divider-20

Spool size 20

The flow divider is a slip-preventing system for hydrostatic transmission.  Our flow dividers use a low pressure bypass system to provide 100% on-demand traction and high speed travel for any field configuration.  Our customers operate their machinery with confidence, as the rugged design of our flow dividers provides reliable, top-level performance, made to suit the highest of safety standards every time.


The flow divider Fluid-System slip prevention system is characterized by the following advantages :

- Simple and robust, modular design

- Division in three pressure ports; one bypass spool

- Bidirectional; it works in reverse

- A clever device that allows operation turns

- Mounted directly on the pump

- Ability to add solenoid to control auxiliary functions