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Highway Maintenance


Heavy highway maintenance equipment requires optimal, high-performance components for efficient and timely project completion. 

These vehicles must also operate within close proximity of the personnel supporting the worksite.  Avoidance of personal injury and equipment accidents, while also providing our clients with heavy-duty, reliable equipment performance is the primary consideration for our experience and analytical capabilities.

FD-GROUPS America components are built to last and can be relied upon to meet user demands to safely get the job done.


Bucket Trucks



In this highly aggressive market, all equipment components and systems must be optimally designed to ensure your competitive edge.

When the bucket is lifted and positioned, the forces on the extended arm are dramatically increased, dangerously testing the margins to hydraulic resistance.

Maximizing these parameters to our clients’ advantage is our FLUIDSYSTEM specialty. FD-GROUPS America uses a suite of software to model your specific load requirements, bringing a confident, adapted, and economical approach to the design of your products.