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FD-GROUPS America supplies products made by our French parent company, FLUIDESIGN Group, which specializes in the design and production of custom‐made hydraulic and electronic components. Thanks to our optimized engineering methods through the use of computer simulation, we can provide you with compact hydraulic and precision electronic systems that improve equipment performance while also cutting the running costs of your machines.


We have an exceptionally skilled workforce whose ongoing commitment to our company and clients enables us to develop highly specialized, client-tailored products for unique applications. Our design office and our R & D engineers have the innovative know‐how and the managerial experience necessary to achieve optimal design solutions.  FD-GROUPS’ in‐house technological, scientific, and industrial expertise enables us to both adapt to and support the requirements of each client, while our high-quality tools and technologies are used to manufacture products in smaller, specialized  quantities, ensuring unparalleled precision in every component we make.


Our businesses are family run, which enables us to have a simple and reactive management strategy. Each employee is expected to be proactive in developing technical solutions, which are adapted to our clients' expectations. Although our businesses have grown, each part of FLUIDESIGN Group has maintained these same managerial principles, making us an industry leader in client satisfaction.

ISO 9001‐14001 Certifications

From inception to series manufacture, FLUIDESIGN Group’s philosophy for using responsible, environmentally safe business practices for our component solutions has been rewarded. 


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Take Advantage of Our Expertise

  • All our products are the most economically built, highest performing components on the market
  • Our compact designs equal a smaller footprint, bringing overall savings for our clients
  • We have a well-established global reputation as hydraulic and electronic specialists
  • We build innovative and customized products, tailored to our clients’ specifications
  • We offer state-of-the-art 3D computer modeling and design of clients' systems
  • We are with you every step of the way as we build, test and validate prototypes
  • We proudly produce our own systems and are series-manufacture capable

In-House Values

FD-GROUPS America applies the same values as those of the parent company, FLUIDESIGN Group. Within the group, we strive to respect our clients by bringing them the best possible engineering solutions.

We seek long-term working relationships with our clients by not only providing our exemplary products and services, but also through our continued customer support as we remain attentive to our clients’ needs every step of the way.