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Patent list FD-Groups America

  Bypass flow divider with three or four branches for hydraulic use

  By-pass device for high pressure flow type divider during hydraulic installation of e.g. vehicles, has ducts arranged on two sides of parts of junction of bearing, so as to be connected with branch dividers and dividing drawers 

  Hydrostatic transmission device of a mobile machine travelling on a slope with a tilt

  Hydraulic load-sensing system for a vehicle

  Hydraulic distributor with in-built pressure compensator, and motorized vehicle equipped with such a distributor

  Load sensing hydraulic system for e.g. farm tractor, has operating slide whose first end is subjected to pressure at flow restrictor device outlet and pressure of calibration spring, and second end is subjected to pressure at device inlet

  Hydrostatic transmission device for mobile machine e.g. tractor, has pressure control valves connected to conduits, where valves connect conduits to high pressure duct when valves are in specific position

  Hydrostatic transmission device of a mobile unit, provided with a pressure-control valve and a selector