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ISO 9001‐14001 Certifications



From inception to series manufacture, FLUIDESIGN Group’s philosophy for using responsible, environmentally safe business practices for our component solutions has been rewarded.  We have proudly satisfied the high requirements of the International Organization for Standardization and are certified for compliance with their Quality, Environment, Health, and Safety standards.  We are pleased to offer our clients the benefits of these certifications coupled with our unparalleled excellence in customer service.



Quality | ISO 9001


For more than a generation, part of the FLUIDESIGN Group family, FLUID-SYSTEM's professionalism and expertise have driven the reliability our hydraulic components bring to the industry.  Thanks to our first-rate flow dividers and limited series – style production, we have become a world leader in the development and manufacture of hydrostatic systems.  We build a wide range of products that include high-pressure selectors, flow control valves, braking valves,  directional valves, and shuttle valves – all manufactured to the highest of quality standards.


Environmental, Health and Safety Standards | ISO 14001


FLUIDESIGN Group's strength is in its ethos, which goes far beyond the importance of successfully manufacturing and selling.  Because environmental concerns remain central to FLUIDESIGN Groups’ management strategy, FLUID-SYSTEM committed to using manufacturing techniques that respect the International Organization for Standardization environmental guidelines. This implies reducing the use of raw materials through efficient use of water and energy, reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, using a more ecological approach to hazardous materials, reducing the amounts of waste, and establishing procedures to manage dangerous processes to prevent accidents and ensure FLUIDSYSTEM's are safeguarding the environment from start to finish.